Two printing processes.  One goal.

Flexographic Label Printing

  • A relief printing technique similar to letterpress that uses rubber or soft plastic plates, a simple inking system, and fast-drying inks.
  • Ink colors are handled and adjusted manually by a real human!
  • A go-to process for large label runs.
  • Supports back-printing.

Paperstocks & Finishings

  • We provide a variety of paper stock options including our popular regular semi-gloss.  Other stocks we commonly use are direct thermal, vinyl or white bopp (plastic), hotmelt, gold/silver foil and even clear.
  • Our labels are usually finished with an extra layer of protection - a clear UV coating that will keep your labels looking in top shape.  We also have matte options and glossy, protective lamination.  

Digital Label printing

  • A printing technique that sends your file digitally directly to the printer.
  • Good for smaller label runs! Shorter turnaround time as no plates are required.
  • Colors are adjusted digitally.
  • Save costs on plate or set-up charges. 

Custom Die-Cuts (Shapes)

More than 700 dies in stock to fit your project needs.  Or, ask us about having a die custom made to your specifications!

Our generic dies include a variety of sizes and shapes including circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and special "wrap-around" along with 2 & 3-part shapes.